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Rare Mimeographed 1933 Booklet Sells for $47,800!

Siegel & Shuster Classic, "Reign of the Superman," Shatters Auction Record for Any Fanzine

DALLAS, TEXAS: Everyone knows that Superman, the Last Son of Krypton, debuted in Action Comics #1, cover-dated June 1938. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman was an instant sensation, destined to become one of the greatest fictional creations of all time.

However, as with most great creations, there's more to the story.

"Several years before the publication of Action #1, Siegel and Shuster were honing their skills in the pages of a small, mimeographed fanzine entitled Science Fiction," revealed Ed Jaster, Vice-President for Dallas-based Heritage Auction Galleries. "Within the pages of this crudely wrought publication, we find a seed that would soon germinate into greatness. It was here that Siegel and Shuster first collaborated on a story called, 'Reign of the Superman.'"

"While the story doesn't feature the Superman we've come to know and love - this character was actually a bald supervillain - it does represent a very important step in Siegel and Shuster's development as storytellers. As such, coupled with its incredible rarity, it is a piece that is highly prized by collectors."

"Science Fiction lasted, as far as we can tell, for five issues, with issue three bearing the famous 'Superman' Story. In 2002, we sold Nicolas Cage's copies of issues #2-5 for $12,075, with this lot, from the John McLaughlin Collection, consisting of issues #1-3 and selling for nearly four times that price, $47,800, proving just how desirable this simple, mimeographed publication is."

Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster - "Reign of the Superman" -- Science Fiction Fanzine V1#3 And Others (1933): =prte-pr091206a

REALIZED: $47,800.

Heritage Auction Galleries' next Comics Signature Auction will be held November 16-18, 2006 in Dallas, Texas. For more information, please visit .

For more information about Heritage's auctions, and a complete record of prices realized, along with full-color, enlargeable photos of each lot, please visit

To access the Heritage Press Release Archives, please visit

Heritage specializes in rare, high-grade comic books, as well as vintage comic and animation art, illustration art, classic toys, movie posters and comics-related collectibles.

Prospective consignors and sellers of top-end comics material, toys, and original art are invited to call Ed Jaster at 1-800-872-6467, ext. 288 or Lon Allen at 1-800-872-6467, ext. 261 to discuss their rare comics and original illustration and comic art. Or visit and click on the "Sell Now" tab. Or simply email Ed Jaster at or Lon Allen at .

Music and Hollywood memorabilia collectors should contact Doug Norwine at 1-800-872-6467, ext. 452 or email

Movie poster consignors please call Grey Smith at 1-800-872-6467, ext. 367 or email

To reserve your copy of a catalog for any upcoming Heritage auction, please contact Nicole Jewell, c/o Heritage Auction Galleries, 3500 Maple Avenue, 17th Floor, Dallas, TX 75219, or call 1-800-872-6467, ext. 272.

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