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5 preview: SPIDER-MAN FAMILY #1 (Marvel)

Spider-Man Family #1 Presents America Debut of Spider-Man J

Get ready for a Spider-Man extravaganza in Spider-Man Family #1! The first issue of this new bi-monthly series will feature an all-new feature length tale written by Sean McKeever, a new 10-page back-up tale featuring a special surprise guest, classic reprints, and for the first time seen in America: from the Land of the Rising Sun - Spider-Man J!

Spider-Man J was originally printed in Japan and enjoyed a large following of loyal Spidey J readers. Well, now America fans can enjoy the manga-influenced adventures of Spider-Man J, too! Written and illustrated by Yamanaka Akira, Spider-Man J is brought to you thanks to the gracious translation of Yuko Fukami and Marvel exclusive writer Zeb Wells ( Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways)! In this full-length story, Spidey J takes on an all-new villain that Japan hasn't seen since Godzilla terrorized their shores.

This jam-packed issue has something for every fan. Writer Sean McKeever and artist Terrell Bobbett kick off Spider-Man Family #1 with a new tale of Spidey in his original black costume, alien symbiote and all! Plus, this 104-page monster features reprints of Untold Tales of Spider-Man #3 and Amazing Spider-Man #176.

Can you handle all this web action? Spider-Man Family #1 is a can't miss with a new Sean McKeever Spidey story and the American debut of Spider-Man J!

104 PGS./Rated A ...$4.99
New FOC and On-Sale: FOC - 2/1, On-Sale - 2/21/2007

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