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4 preview: DRAWING FROM LIFE (Image)

BERKELEY, CA -- 19 February, 2007 -- This May, legendary creator Jim Valentino returns to his underground roots with DRAWING FROM LIFE -- his first collection of all-new autobiographical comix in more than a decade!

Valentino's autobio comics first achieved notoriety in the late '70s and early '80s, arriving alongside Harvey Pekar's American Splendor and Eddie Campbell's Alec as part of a new wave of memoirs that left behind the shock tactics of the early underground, and picked up the examination of the humorous, transcendent, and insightful moments of every day life. In DRAWING FROM LIFE, Valentino returns to this world, recounting stories ranging from sex and drugs to artistic struggle and parenthood with self-deprecating and unsentimental candor.

"Jim draws autobiographical comix for people who've actually lived a life," says Image Comics Executive Director Eric Stephenson. "He's funny, daring and takes no prisoners. Image is proud to reintroduce the autobiographical Valentino to a whole new generation with this bold new collection."

"This is Jim Valentino's best work," says Image publisher and fellow Image founder Erik Larsen. "It's no secret that Jim leads a full life, chock full of fist fights, car chases and alien invasions – so he's got great source material to draw from. On top of that, Jim's really gone all out to make this visually engaging -- pulling out all the stops and pushing the boundaries. Jim's wildly experimental art perfectly matches the powerful honesty of his stories. He's truly in his element here. This is the book Valentino will be most remembered for."

DRAWING FROM LIFE #1, a 32-page black and white comic, ships May 3 and is available through Diamond Previews (MAR071819)

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