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6 preview: SPIDER-MAN: REIGN #4 (of 4) (Marvel)

Scorching Hot Series Concludes in Spider-Man: Reign #4

Witness the stunning conclusion to the book that has been too hot too stay on the shelves in Spider-Man: Reign #4. The first and second issues of this smash hit have soldout at Diamond, prompting a second printing of each. And then the second printing of the first issue sold out at Diamond as well, solidifying the series as one of the most buzz-worthy of the new year.

Corey Brotherson of calls Spider-Man: Reign "a well-made, adventurous, visceral and downright engaging series."

Steve Ekstrom of says, "Spider-Man: Reign should be considered a standard bearer for any of Marvel's futuristic tales starring any of its time honored roster. If that's not a strong enough recommendation…then I don't know what else I could say. Please go out and buy this mini-series!"

Kaare Andrews's chilling look into Spider-Man's future has left fans amazed at the sight of a feeble and aged Peter Parker forced back into the mantle of Spider-Man and the conclusion in issue #4 is one that can't be missed.

See why Venom has gone to such great lengths to lure Spider-man out. Can an elderly Spider-man defeat the vicious and sinister symbiote? Or will another hero have to step up to save the city?

This is an issue that fans cannot miss. If Spider-Man: Reign #4 is anything like its predecessors, this issue is sure to fly off the shelves so make sure you secure your copy!

Retailers are advised to rethink their orders on this final issue as every other issue has been a major sellout.

SPIDER-MAN: REIGN #4 (of 4) (JAN072360)
Pencils & Cover by KAARE ANDREWS
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC – 2/22, On-Sale – 3/14/2007

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