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6 preview: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #539 (Marvel)

Back in Black Continues to Sell Out- and the Biggest Surprise Yet to Come!

Hunted, his identity exposed, and those he loves caught in the crosshairs; Spider-Man's life has been a nightmare during Civil War, and the darkest days are yet to come. Now, in the wake of Amazing Spider-Man #538's shocking closing moment, the most recognizable character in comics has donned one of the most controversial costumes ever as he goes underground and back to his black duds and must fight back to reclaim his life. SPIDER-MAN: BACK IN BLACK! Now, there is NO going back!

The three previous BACK IN BLACK titles, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #17, Sensational Spider-Man #35, and Spider-Man Family #1 have all sold out at Diamond. While some copies may still be available at a retail level, the rest are gone and Marvel currently has no plans to go back to press. But hold on to your webs, Spidey fans, because the biggest BACK IN BLACK title is still to come.

On March 21st, Peter goes on the offensive, and on the hunt, as Aunt May's life hangs in the balance in Amazing Spider-Man #539, and when this story has finished, Spider-Man's life, and the lives of those Peter Parker holds dearest, will never be the same again!

BACK IN BLACK is a smash success, and the shocks will continue to come all summer long, making 2007 the Summer of the Spider-Man! RETAILERS- check this week's Marvel Mailer for a special incentive on Amazing Spider-Man #539, which FOC's this week.

Pencils and Cover by RON GARNEY
32 pgs, Rated T+, $2.99
FOC – 3/1, On-sale – 3/21

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