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Preview: CLANDESTINE #1 (Marvel)

Destiny Arrives for Clandestine!

Rory Destine may seem like a normal, everyday kid at school...but he's part of Marvel's freakiest family-the Destines! Alan Davis' fan-favorite heroes return in Clandestine #1 (of 5), written and penciled by the acclaimed creator, as their secrets may be revealed to the world! It's up to Rory and his twin sister Pandora to keep their abilities-and fantastic family history-secret from the public at-large, but when Rory decides it's time to become the crime-fighting Crimson Crusader, he arouses the suspicions of those close to him! The man who helped launch Excalibur and brought you the thrilling Fantastic Four: The End presents a unique look at the life of the superheroes-and their battle to make the world a better place!

The mystery of Rory and Pandora's mother's identity has haunted the twins and now it's time for them to get their answers! As they embrace their destiny as members of one of the world's most powerful lineages, what they discover will shock them...and readers!

Just who or what comes calling at the Destine family's Ravenscroft doorway? And will Rory make his dreaming of heroism come true...or face disapproval from his family? The centuries-old Destine family is about to get shaken up in Clandestine #1 (of 5), featuring the trademark action-packed style of Alan Davis! And just what is the connection between original Excalibur and the Destines?

Plus, don't miss the Clandestine Classic Premiere HC, collecting the mysterious heroes' first adventures ever in Clandestine #1-8, Marvel Comics Presents #158 and X-Men & The Clandestine #1-2!

CLANDESTINE #1 (of 5) (DEC072179)
Written by ALAN DAVIS
Pencils & Cover by ALAN DAVIS
Rated T+...$2.99
FOC-1/17/08, On-Sale-2/6/08

Written by ALAN DAVIS
Penciled by ALAN DAVIS
Rated T+ ...$29.99

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